3D Product

Why spend money on 3D packaging renders? 3D Renders can show a realistic preview of your idea and vision from all angles, illustrating a package or POS in a 360º view which helps to identify issues within the design before the production stage. During the design process, this will save both you and your client money and time. Post-production, our high-quality renders can be used for print and digital marketing.

Our process begins with your vendor’s dieline. From an .eps or .ai, we invest time modeling the package or POS piece by identifying perforations, folds, finishes, and cuts. This step in the process is the most time intensive. Using the estimator below, you will find that the more complex an object the higher the cost.

Once rendered, we are able to wrap the dieline with graphics much more efficiently.

With the investment made in the original 3D model, changing angles and artwork allows you and your customer to bring to life the design options you’ve created in a fast, cost-effective way.

Final Images
The 3D renders can be exported as interactives renders (PDF and HMTL), or high-resolution PSD/PNG files.

The prices you see on the estimation tool below are for the first modeling of your product or package. If you have several labels or artwork that use the same dieline or product shape, the prices for the other renders will be significantly lower.

If your artwork changes, the prices are also lower since the first modeling has already been prepared.


Use your mouse to rotate, change colors and zoom into the artwork above.

Interactive 3D PDF

Interactive 3D Renders

Open in any browser or Adobe Acrobat Reader

Impress your clients with our interactive 3D renders. They will love spinning the package and looking at it from all angles. This is a great way to share your ideas with clients during the first stages of development. The interactive 3D render displays as medium-resolution making the file a lightweight option that you can easily share. See our Studio Chickadee example and click on the buttons and rotate the image.

HTML Interactive 3D: We provide you with a self-contained file that will open in any web browser. It is an easy way for your client to visualize different colors, labels, etc., with the click of a button.

3D PDF: We provide you with a PDF file that will open with Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is also an easy way for your client to visualize different colors, labels, etc., with the click of a button.

3D Renders

The final product

Would you like to show your work off to your clients? We can help by creating still 3D renders of the products to help them visualize the final artwork. We will provide you with high-resolution transparent files as well as grayscale models.


The following amount is an estimate, not an official quote. Once the full scope of your project has been received we will we be in the position to submit a final quote for your project.

Low Complexity

Medium Complexity

High Complexity